Cost: $300 + taxes & fees
Included: Private Seating area, cover charge for up to 25 people

We book our Dueler’s Den at  The Dueler’s Den is a private space located on stage with the pianos.  The area has cozy seating, with stools and regular chairs for seating.  We can seat a maximum of 25 people in this space.  This space is perfect for bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, company parties, birthday celebrations, anniversary celebrations – you name it!


Cost: $60 + taxes & fees, $5 cover charge per person
Included: four seats at a one table

We book all reservations through  A table reservation is $60, plus taxes, fees, and the $5 cover charge per person.  Out tables seat up to 4 people.  If you have a party larger than 6 people for a table reservation, we ask that you reserve two tables.  If you have five people for your table reservation, we recommend reserving a second table for your comfort.